creativedeep site established and over the internet on December 2020

The owner and founder of this website and domain name is Ms.Vaibhavi Bhole .

My age =17 years old

I live in Bhusawal city.

I am the founder of



Information about Creativity👇
creativity is defined as the tendency to generate organised ideas alternative or possibilities that’s may be useful in solving problems communicating with others and entertaining ourselves and others . We all know this👆🏻👍🏻.

*Everyone’s creativity is different.*
For examples👇🏻
1) idea creativity.
2) event creativity.
3) inner creativity.


✨ Every business needs a website and every websites needs an about us page so,

***Tells a little bit about why the website was created***👇

it doesn’t always have to tell your whole story but it should at least provide people with an ideas of.



I created this website to share my Thoughts and I Love connecting people .so, I made this sign site . I hope you like my creativity. and I I will do my best to share my thoughts with you.



“There are many difficulties in life but ,only your thoughts decide how to overcome them.”