Life hack tip’s…!!!

There are many  difficulties in life but only your thought decide how to overcome then .so, your thoughts should  always good .

There is a small rule to live life to the fullest… make something new everyday and forget something bad.


What is life….?

Life is a game ,just play if for getting good name don’t feel ever shame work hard to achieve lot’s of fame . every happiness is your when you respect and keep ur parents always near.

There should be excitement and celebration in life. The Lord gave human birth to laugh freely, to celebrate, to entertain, and to play. Celebration brings positivity to life. Meetings grow and experience grows. Living life is also an art.


If you want to live happily and with dignity, do these 6 things.

1. Take care of your own health:- Illnesses make life miserable. Nowadays, life has become so fast that many people have become accustomed to neglecting health while running with it.Moreover, when it comes to health, women give priority to their families. You take care of your husband, children, parents and in-laws but at the same time do not neglect your own health at all.Because only if you are healthy and happy can you take good care of your family.


2. Learn self-defense:- The rate of violence against women is increasing day by day. This needs to be addressed by women themselves and not by others.Just as every woman needs to be educated, she also needs to be taught self-defense. For this, participate in a self-defense training camp. This will give you the courage to speak out against any injustice done to you. Confidence and self-reliance will always make you happy.



3. Identify your own artistic talents:- Recognize your skills and shape them to live a happy life. It will boost your confidence and allow you to enjoy life to the full. Moreover, your artistic talents can be your potential in the future. You have a skill .


4. Find out what’s happening in the country :- Get knowledge about the world through daily newspapers or other mediums. If you know what is going on in the country, you can easily participate in any discussion.Being able to express your opinion in a strong way builds your confidence. People start respecting your opinions. The light of knowledge illuminates your life. You certainly enjoy the praise and respect you receive from others.



5. Communicate politely and calmly :- People respond to you by how you speak and act. If you communicate calmly and politely with others, they will respond to you in the same way.You are definitely happier when there are no differences in life. Therefore, instead of disappointing the mind by shouting, increase your self-esteem by being humble and humble.



6. Learn to say no:- Sometimes you are doing yourself a disservice by trying to please everyone.


You  can’t say no to anyone and keep doing what others want you to do. But you were unknowingly sad and depressed because of this nature of yours. So learn to say no in time so that you do not suffer later. 


Life is a struggle.l


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